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Fellow Pictoplasma Artists... (who's work and/or sites I especially like)
- Tokio Plastic
- Yenz
- Feng Yi
- Nathan Jurevicius
- SnowCat

Fashion and Editorial Illustrators... (a few of the coolest currently out there)
- Kirsten Ulve
- Liselotte Watkins
- Anja Kroenke
- Jason Brooks
- Miss Ping
- Tadahiro Uesugi
- Marguerite Sauvage

Mark Ryden
An artist who tickles our fancies with lushly painted oils on canvas for fans of the sweetly sinister...

Ray Caesar
Mark Ryden fans may enjoy Ray Caesar's work as well. Caesar's images are digital prints (based on 3D modeling) rather than oil-on-canvas, and his symbolic language is not as varied as Ryden's, but their work does have similarities: the quiet and disturbing aura given off by the people populating their works, for example - and the rich, velvety quality of the coloring.

Vector Park
A bizarre and hypnotic playground of animation-loops and other stuff.

An elegantly designed and subtly charming online game where it is your job to prevent your mossy planet from being crashed into by someone else's mossy planet.

Trevor Van Meter's Fly Guy
This will keep you happily busy for a while. Use the arrow keys to send Fly Guy up through clouds and stars and... ... ...

Esao Andrew's Testing Site
This site has a highly imaginative navigation system and presents an excellent (if somewhat gruesome) portfolio. (So far I like viewing it at night the best. I haven't managed to catch it at dawn or dusk yet.)

Roman Klonek
A charming world-of-illustration that invites exploration. (And I can't help thinking that this fellow must have been influenced by The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" film somewhere along the way.)

Shane Glines Cartoon and Illustration Paradise
A huge website devoted to: Shane Glines' own wonderful cartoon illustration work, celebrating the great cartoonists and illustrators of the past, encouraging cartoonists and illustrators of the here-and-now and the future...

Andrew Loomis (SaveLoomis.org)
This wonderful and versatile illustrator from the 1930s published several drawing and illustration instruction books, which are now, sadly, out of print. Online versions of the extremely useful FUN WITH A PENCIL and FIGURE DRAWING FOR ALL ITS WORTH can be found here. This site also links to sources for 2nd-hand Loomis books.

Bud Plane Illustrated Books (illustrators' biography page)
And while we're on the subject of illustrators of the past, this page (begun by Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr. - "One of the reasons I started my Illustrators' site was that there was so little information about ANY illustrators on the web.") is a great source for bio-info on a multitude of great illustrators who are no longer with us...

Miss Ping (the 2nd)
This Miss Ping is not the same Miss Ping as the lady introduced as a fashion/editorial illustrator above. This is an English Miss Ping named Julie McDermott ("painter and arranger of small animals"), and I especially like the tiny world of her photo series, the Chicken Army Slide Show.

Fehmi Baumbach
Fehmi is a storyteller. Her light, curly-cue paintings of rooms, furniture, and bits of text are like musical snapshots of odd truths in every-day life. If you don't understand German you'll miss half the fun, but her works are still a pleasure to see, even if you can't read the text.

"...the square paintings present playful collections of dots, bars, strokes, ellipses, lozenges, fields of color, and stripes. Layers of these elements are composed in arrangements best described as having tempo, rhythm, timbre, and cadence; the work is invested in a visual language that is articulated like music is played..." - New Art Examiner, Jan./Feb. 2002.
...They took the words right out of my mouth...

Yoshitama Nara
I'm quite a fan this Japanese artist, but he doesn't seem to have an official website so far, so I've collected several links that refer to him:
- The Other Other
- Assembly Language
- Absolute Arts
- Sweatyfrog Toy Concepts and Design
- Happy Hour
- and... Marianne Boesky Gallery (under Yoshitama Nara in the Artists section)*

*Special thanks to Hyland Mather of the Andenken Gallery in Denver, Co. for sending me this last link.

...And if any of you out there should ever happen to stumble across an actual official website for this guy, please let me know.

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