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The brainchild of my industrious and endlessly creative buddy, Peter Thaler. This enormous web site is a showcase for contemporary character-design by artists from all over the world (including yours truly).
It was the 1st of its kind, by the way, and includes links to hundreds of other delightful and/or truly amazing sites.

Home of dancing 3D robots, rubbery code, winking bunnies, and Heaven knows what else. Go and see what my bro, Dutch animation guy Kay Kay, has been up to lately.
(Kay Kay is also featured at Pictoplasma, just so ya know...)

Still To Be Written Up:
*Video artist Lucy Powell's Video Idyll
*the Escape-Button pouf - sit down and forget...
*Miss Xanthippe Svanstršm's growing online diary of glossy-haired-girl works-in-progress
*Twig Publishing - digitally yours: website design ect...
*Steiner Comix (Elke Steiner). Also links to many other German alternative-comics sites...
*Ted Naifeh - Courtney Crumrin and other elegantly illustrated comics...
*Kirsten Ulve - extremely stylish editorial and fashion illustration

Moritz R.
He's a "Neue Deutsche Welle" hero (Der Plan), a painter, an autobiographer, a tiki fan, and a damn fine fellow. His site has a very entertaining on-line gallery and lots of tiki-links.

Loney Sardine
Joseph Escott and Michael Hassett, two lovely fellows from Cardiff, Wales, have been working together in the field of classical animation and character design for years. Their site is charming and I just love their character designs!

Jim Avignon
"The World's Fastest Painter" This is a self-proclaimed title, but I'm sure he's right. Jim is a bundle of energy and his anti-elitist philosophy is that art should be affordable. And his paintings ARE affordable; he makes much of his money with commercial work. If you live in Germany you're sure to have seen his stuff before; on the tails of airplanes perhaps, or gracing watch-bands or the outsides (or insides) of clubs.
If you live in Berlin it's next impossible not to be familiar with his work. But maybe you happen to be somewhere where you've managed to miss it and would like to check it out now...

Mental Pictures' HAL Corporation Homepage
Made by the guy who so kindly insisted that I finally get this web site off the ground, gol'darnnit!!! (- by offering much generous web-mastering, I might add. Thanks, Mike)

David Maas is a creative director, character designer, illustrator, 3D-molder (digital and analog), and the one-man-band creator of a 3D video for the track "VorwŠrts die Zeit" from KŸnstler Treu's album MY SKETCHBOOK OF WHACK.

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Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
A tasty Berlin label with a special love for exquisite jazz re-issues and weird soundtracks. They have an exceptionally stylish website and are also the current label home of our own delightfully odd Appleton & Treu.

This elegant little electronic label, located in Cologne Germany, released KŸnstler Treu's first two solo albums: HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKU APUA'A and MY SKETCHBOOK OF WHACK (with its single "Postcard From a Foreign Strand"). Two of my other favorite artists on their roster are Elektrotwist and Jean Michel.

This lively Berlin label was once the home of the duo Dauerfisch (back in the days when there still was a Dauerfisch) and is still home to such yummy acts as Stereo Total and Le Hammond Inferno, etc... For those of you who are interested, Dauerfisch and Kuenstler Treu albums (along with a multitude of other playfully stylish music and non-music items) are available at their on-line (and real, live, Berlin-based) Pop Shop.

Still To Be Written Up:
*Der Plan 4.0 - the "Neue Deutsche Welle" cult trio in its 4th reincarnation
*An Appleton & Treu WUNDERBRA! album info page - reviews, related links, tracklist, etc...
*Fuzzy Love - Pagan Schmalz and Other Sacrifices...
*Mutter ("Mother") - Berlin's tortured underbelly
*Hard Score (Composers of Music for Moving Pictures)
*Blood Ruby's calm and dreamy musical musings
*Unfettered tunes by Natalie Rose LeBrecht's Greenpot Bluepot project
*Salon Sisters - tunes galore, in finely-crafted surf, beat, or easy-listening cover-versions
*Circle Trio Musik's soothing jazz sounds

Harald "Sack" Ziegler
This fellow writes very intriguing lyrics (in German) and plays the tuba... and talking Barbie dolls... and squeeky-toys, and musical plastic Turkish-mosque alarm-clocks, and plastic talking microphones, and - well - all sorts of other things too...

Don Campau is the uncrowned king of really and truly underground music (and has a heart+soul the size of Texas!)

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UPSTART! Filmproduktion
This film production company is based in Wiesbaden, Germany and specializes in 3D animation. I've worked with them often over the years (clean-up for classical animation, illustration, and character-design) and it's always been a great pleasure.
I've also had the opportunity to meet all sorts of nice people there. :-)
A special treat on this website is their series of award-winning Tabasco commercials, which can be viewed in their online gallery.

Still To Be Written Up:
*Big Fish Filmproduktion - Berlin, Germany
*Oil Factory (Film Production) - Hollywood/London
*Philipp Stoelzl (director)
*Marc Raymond Wilkins (director)
*Daniel Lwowski (director)
*Stefanie Butscheidt's Puppenraeuber - elegant and playful handmade felt and knit wear
*Stephan Goetze's Ecology-Integrated Marketing and Research
*German word-smith Carola Wimmer's homepage
*Uwe Spiller - Photography (website update pending)
*Corrina Schell Photo Design - Lifestyle Portraits (coming soon)

Gallery Lookline
This German site will link you to various creative personalities in and around the lovely city of Berlin.

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