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Well now... Here's something I've been meaning to get to for longer than forever. I'll make a start by simply listing links to various artists and music-sites that interest me (in alphabetical order this time, since there are so many included here). Maybe one day I'll manage to add a bit of comment and information like in the other Links sections... - Probably best not to hold your breath though... ;-)

...BTW - Anyone who knows of not-yet-included links to interesting sites for the artists and/or topics listed here, please feel more than welcome to drop me a line and tell me about them. :-) And please let me know if you come across any dead links...

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Laurie Anderson
*official website

Aphex Twin
*official drukqs microsite
*REPHLEX - Aphex Twin's label
*Warp Records' official website

Appleton and Treu
*WUNDERBRA! - album site at Crippled
*WUNDERBRA! - reviews in English and German, related links, etc...
...yes - I know I've linked to these pages from elsewhere on this site -
- but I just couldn't resist linking to them from this page as well... ;-)

The B52s
*official website
*World Wide Wig Site
*The Cemetery of Rock - R.I.P. Ricky Wilson

Burt Bacharach
*A House Is Not A Homepage v. 3.0
*Hal David - official website

Badly Drawn Boy
*The World of Badly Drawn Boy - official website

Erika Badu
*official website

*official website

Björk (Bjork)
*Unity - official Bjork website
*Sykurmolarnir - a Sugarcubes website
*So Bjork - a very energetically updated community Björk site
*b-j-ö-r-k.com - fan-site with lots of photos, avatars, and other stuff
*Björk Online - German
*Bjork.it - Italian
*BjorkSpain.com - Spanish
*Portal Oficial da Björk no Brasil - Brazillian
*the Bjork section of Etoile Polaire - French
*Crave - yet another stylish fan-site
*bjoerk.ch - fan-site with lots of magazine covers, etc
*For The Love of Björk - more Björk worship, with nice illustrations and more fan-art
*Shiny Battery - fan-site with a special focus on rarities and 'B-side' singles
*Chaika's pets - by a Russian fan who designs animal graphics based on the Björk ducky
*Greybeat's Björk trading depot - presents a mind-boggling collection of Björk goodies
*a Korean fan-site with online Björk radio - 365 days per year, 24 hours a day
*Pulsate - a regularly updated source of Björk avatars and icons
*Bjorkish Net - Jocelyn's Björk site

Bootlegs Galore...
*Bootleg Freakin' - gobs of links to sites with live-bootleg downloadables for the ever-hungry can't-get-enough fan

*official website
*Warp Records' official website

Kate Bush
*Gaffaweb - THE Kate Resource
*Kate Bush News and Information
*The Kick Inside - A Kate Bush Tribute
*Cloudbusting - Kate in her own words
*Kate as a child - Online version of the book 'Cathy'
*Kate Bush in MP3 - All the demos and Early Years stuff
*Kate Bush - The Single File (and more...) - An annotated, pictorial chronology of K.B. singles
*kate-bush.org - video, ultra rare songs on MP3, magazine scans
*Hello Earth - features bizarre Kate games
*The 9th Wave - a French fan-site
*Babooshka - another French fan-site

Cocteau Twins
*official website
*vocalist Elizabeth Fraser's official website
*The Cocteau Café

*official web-site (in Japanese with bits of English)

The Cramps
*The Cramps Page
*Rock Dog's Cramps Page

The Dresden Dolls
*official website

The Cure
*official website
*Stiff As Toys and Tall As Men - An Unofficial Cure Site

Brian Eno
*EnoWeb - serving your Eno needs with impunity
*EnoWorld - formally known as Weekly World Eno

*a French association dedicated to the promotion of Icelandic artists

*official website
*the Goldfrapp page at Mute

Holger Hiller
*the Holger Hiller page at Mute

Billie Holiday
*official website
*The Unofficial BILLIE HOLIDAY Website

Joni Mitchell
*official website
*The Joni Mitchell Discussion List
*Joni at Wilson+Alroy's Recording Reviews

Music Lovers, Music Mags, and Mp3s...
*Radio Plus - John Peel's page of perfectly free and legal mp3 downloadables...
*RatherGood.com's kittens - guitars, cigarettes, viking-warrior helmets, and punk...
*LOSINGTODAY - for fans of the post rock, gothic and shoegazing movements...
*Filter Magazine - good music will prevail...

Music-Video Directors...
*Palm Pictures' DVD label for music-video directors
*Michel Gondry blurb at Palm Pictures
*unofficial Michel Gondry director-file site
*Chris Cunningham blurb at Palm Pictures
*unofficial Chris Cunningham director-file site
*Spike Jonze blurb at Palm Pictures
*Floria Sigismondi's official website
*a Floria Sigismondi Videography
*another Floria Sigismondi Videography
*Floria Sigismondi info on EGADS! homepage
*Lynn Fox video-page at Colonel Blimp
*Lynn Fox homepage

*P.J.Harvey Online - includes a forum
*www.pollyharvey.co.uk - news, etc...

*official website
*a fan-site
*Beth Gibbons' website

Queen Adreena
*official website
*a fan-site featuring Queen Adreena lyrics

Queens of the Stone Age
*official website

*Green Plastic Radiohead
*Radiohead Televison (multimedia)

*official website
*The Ladies' Cello Society - a fan-site

Record Labels... (Mute Records, 4AD, Boptart, TomLab, etc...)
(links coming soon)

The Residents
*Official News Bog
*The Moles present...The Residents
*Ralf America

*official website
*Ultra High Frequency unofficial Stereolab website

*official website
*Tispy's record label, Asphodel

Emiliana Torrini
*official website
*e m i l i a n a . n u

*official website

Vintage (and Non-Vintage) Music - by artists in vintage clothing...
*Rasputina - cellos and corsets...
*The Dresden Dolls - Brechtian punk cabaret...
*Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys - singing praises of the past...
*The Sob Sisters - cellos and flapper-wear...
*Dame Darcy - banjos, singing saws, sea shanties, pirate-wear, and mangled melodies...

Tom Waits
*official website
*a site deep and rich with Tom knowledge
*a tasty Italian site
(Special thanks to Greybeat
for these last two Tom links)

*official website
*Ween.net - includes a chat and forum, etc...
*Ween Online Radio - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

White Stripes
*official website

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
*official website

Frank Zappa
*The Zappa Family Trust Official Homepage
*St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage - a fan-site

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