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Official Website:
Yes, Philipp Stoelzl, the workaholic, has finally found time to get an official Philipp Stoelzl homepage up and running. ;)

QuickTime clips - music videos and commercials:
QuickTime clips and info about Philipp Stoelzl's work at Avid-Editor Sven Budelmann's homepage
watch QuickTime movies -
music videos -

Philipp Stoelzl - Personal Info page at
In the "Directors" section at Big Fish Filmproduktion (Berlin)
In the "Directors" section at Oil Factory (film production) Hollywood/London

BABY (Film Information):
BABY Info page at (official homepage - in German)
Regie - Philipp Stölzl (
Interview mit dem Regisseur Philipp Stölzl (

Reviews, etc...:
Das Erste Online Kultur-Magazine - Werbung und Kunst
Jump Cut Filmkritik

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